LGB Depesche

Issue 4/2016

Fall is here again! It’s a shame, actually. The season came and went in a flash. This year, large events attracted tens of thousands of railroad enthusiasts from around the world. For example, the spectacular presentation of both the prototype and the LGB model of the new Saxon train, consisting of an I K steam loco and amazing cars, which are more than one hundred years old in reality, at the Saxony-Upper Lusatia Railroad Corp. (SOEG) in Bertsdorf (turn to page 22). Or the 50th birthday celebrations of the Deutscher Eisenbahn Verein (DEV) in Bruchhausen: LGB presented the model of the legendary T 41 railbus based on the prototype that is still busy carrying passengers in Asendorf (turn to page 26). Fantastic and lasting memories thanks to the new models!

Furthermore, this fall promises a multitude of new models for G-gauge fans of North American railroads. It starts with small and cute. Not just one, but three versions of a gang car from the north of the USA bring a bit of extra life to backyard layouts (turn to page 6 and 12). Specialist retailers now offer a large number of bulky new freight cars in two color options for the powerful, American staple SD40 diesel locomotive (turn to page 6 and 42). A brand new porter loco, which comes with an mfx/DCC decoder and matching sugar cane freight car, brings a touch of Hawaii to layouts.

And now – last but not least – a big thanks to everyone who entered our layout competition ‘Best Garden Railroad 2016’. We were overwhelmed by the quality of the entries. It was a very tough job to pick the winners. But here they are (turn to page 14). Enjoy reading the latest issue of LGB Depesche!

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Actual table of contents

Models and Layouts

06 Top Model
14 Competition: Best garden railroad 2016
22 Prototype
26 The savior of narrow-gauge railroads
36 LGB Digital: Central Station 3

Tips and Know-How

30 There's progress
42 New at your Retailers
48 Club layout
53 Accessories from Specialists
54 Tuning

LGB World

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41 Masthead
46 Reader's Questions
56 Service
58 Dealers
60 Portrait
62 Preview

The 50th birthday party of the DEV Lots of huffing and puffing in Bertsdorf Over 4,000 hp and cars as far as the eye can see