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Each year selected models by LGB are produced for members of the LGB CLUB ®. These products are dedicated to the classics of railway history. They offer a very special experience for true fans. Would you enjoy being able to annually purchase a precious collector's item? Then we would be pleased to welcome you to the LGB CLUB ® soon.  

Baggage Car

Art.-Nr. 34556
Baggage Car LGB

This is a model of an RhB type D2 two-axle baggage car. This is a finely detailed model of the car with a smooth steel body. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era VI, as the car is still seen at present is use in historic trains. The doors on the ends and the sliding doors can be opened. The car has metal wheel sets. Length over the buffers 45 cm / 17-3/4".

Price: 219,99 EUR

Baggage Car

Article No. 34556
Gauge G (Schmalspur)
Era VI
Kind Wagons
For Clubmembers only.
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“Sinclair Oils” Tank Car (Art.-Nr. 40877)

This is a model of a four-axle tank car painted and lettered for the Sinclair Oil Corporation. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era V. The car has many separately applied details, and the tank can be filled and emptied. The car has metal wheel sets.
Overall length including couplers 51 cm / 20-1/16”.

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