Layout competition 2020

LGB Garden

What have you got planned in the new season for your layout? Indoors it is worth paying attention to elaborate designs in confined spaces while outdoors the first warm rays of the sun and a breath of fresh air inspire you to develop new plans on a larger scale.

And seeing as every railroad contains so much passion, enthusiasm, and energy it would be a crying shame not to share these amazing works of art with other garden railroaders and all the readers of LGB Depesche. That’s why the editorial team is looking for the best garden railroad 2020. Give us a surprise!

Whether that means American landscapes with trestle bridges, Alpine mountain railroads with viaducts or simple ovals of track caringly set out in the existing landscape – we don’t exclude anything. The decisive factor will be the overall impression of the layout, and an expert jury will give its verdict. Join in – it’s worth it!