LGB Depesche

Issue 2/2019

On May 10, the United States celebrates an important milestone in its railroad history: On that day 150 years ago, railroad workers completed the first transcontinental railroad connection between the east and west coasts of the USA. At around midday on May 10, 1869, the final track nail was driven home – the famous “golden spike”. LGB is honoring this momentous event in US railroad history with a special gift, the “Golden Spike” set. The strictly limited anniversary product comprises the beautiful steam locomotives “Jupiter” of the Central Pacific and “No. 119” of the Union Pacific, both of which are made of metal and exceptionally detailed. In this issue, we present this outstanding set in detail and supply background information about the construction of the transcontinental railroad. We also pick up the topic of the US in other articles. For instance, we feature the Napa Valley Wine Train that offers a gourmet dining experience and our layout expert Arnulf Schäfer reports on two quite different garden railroads built by American LGB fans: The indoor layout created by Bob Pryzby from Kansas and the outdoor layout owned by Warner Swarner from Oregon, on which the landscape of northwestern America is brought to life. In his building tip article, Reinhold Braun converts the Silverton American engine shed into a suitable home for large US steam locos and Gale Cousins reports on garden railroads in the US and the current LGB projects in North America. Our columnist Bill Derville, President of the Rose City Garden Railway Society, invites all garden railroad fans to visit the 35th National Garden Railway Convention, one of this year’s most spectacular garden railway events in North America. We also present an overview of American locos and cars from the current LGB range and of the active garden railroad clubs in North America. We hope you enjoy reading this issue of Depesche dedicated to North America.

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Depesche 02/2019