LGB Depesche

Issue 2/2017

The American luxury trains of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were not only one of the most beautiful forms of rail-bound transportation, but also the most comfortable way of exploring the USA. With the brand-new F7 combination and a complete train of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad resplendent in the yellow and silver paint scheme of the time, LGB is bringing this same travel experience to your garden railroad. Behind the striking mfx/DCC-controlled F7 combination of two A-units and one B-unit (which are of course available separately) are six four-axle cars complete with interior details and lighting including a dome, dining and observation car with an illuminated D&RGW logo at the end of the train. Especially important for all RhB fans: The very first steam loco, the Rhaetia LD1, of the Landquart-Davos and subsequently the Rhaetian Railway will soon be available from specialist retailers. This golden oldie packed with ultra-modern digital control functions and presented in an elegant wooden box is also on another special mission. Its life-sized prototype requires unexpected and urgent restoration. The “Dampffreunde der Rhätischen Bahn” club is currently working hard to raise the necessary funds. LGB and all purchasers of the LD1 model are pitching in to help: For every model sold, 50 euros will be donated towards the cost of overhauling 126 boiler pipes. Plus: We visited four friends in the Swabian town of Unterensingen in Germany, who operate 29 G-gauge trains on a layout with 1,968-1⁄2 feet of track; an indoor railroader presents his breath-taking US railroad and tuning expert Karsten Speyer has a couple of illuminating surprises in store.

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