LGB Depesche

Issue 2/2018

Now the excitement really starts: The large LGB anniversary event will take place from May 19 - 21 at the Saxon Pressnitz Valley Railway in Jöhstadt, just south of Chemnitz.

It is a must-visit event for all dedicated LGB fans who like nothing more than seeing a large number of prototypes and models side by side. Turn to page 28 of this issue to discover why you definitely need to spend the Pentecost weekend in Saxony.

Until then, why not let yourself be inspired by our garden railroading features. For example, the latest top model, the Rügen loco 99 4652, whose prototype is also making the long journey all the way from the Baltic sea island to Jöhstadt for the celebratory event.

The North Sea also gets a mention in this issue. Frank Swiergiel from Bremen presents his lovingly designed indoor island layout that replicates the only narrow-gauge line of the German Federal Railroad (DB). And this line is situated on Wangerooge. Back to the 50th birthday of LGB: The new 2018 models present LGB surviving witnesses.

A blast from the past, the “Factory Train”, which once stood as a monument in front of the former LGB factory on Saganer Strasse in Nuremberg, and one that represents the next 50 years of the traditional brand. The RhB anniversary loco Ge 4/4 II “Ilanz”, which is the first LGB model to act as the prototype for its real-life Rhaetian Railway namesake.

Turn to pages 20, 40, and 31 to discover how the 1:1 RhB “Ilanz” was given its new look, how its sensational rollout went, and how you can win great prizes. Would you like to marvel at your layout in LGB Depesche? Then why not take part in our layout competition. Turn to page 41 for details. And now, we hope you enjoy reading this issue. For instance, all about garage inventor Ottmar Görgen’s latest escapade: The three-phase Allegra.


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Depesche 02/2018