In Kürze erreicht der ALLEGRA mit einem Regionalzug die Station Morteratsch am Fuße des gleichnamigen Morteratsch-Gletschers

It's 2009. On a sunny October day the first ALLEGRA powered rail car train with official road number ABe 8/12 3501 is being delivered to the Rhaetian Railroad (RhB) in Landquart. The first test runs took place a few days after delivery, and several even went into the Engadin area, which had fall colors. Gradually, the other powered rail car trains were delivered by Stadler Rail to the RhB. The railroad now owns 15 of these ultramodern dual system powered rail car trains that are used on the entire RhB route network.

ALLEGRA, the general term for the 15 powered rail car trains, is a Romansch greeting used particularly in the Oberengadin region.

Picture left: Shortly, the ALLEGRA with a regional train will reach the Station of Morteratsch
at the foot of the Morteratsch Glacier of the same name.

ALLEGRA, the general term for the 15 powered rail car trains, is a Romansch greeting used particularly in the Oberengadin region.
Due to the switch between DC and AC voltage, the ALLEGRA can be used with 1,000 volts DC as operated on the Bernina Line as well as with 11,000 volts AC as operated on the core network. The ALLEGRA is therefore also called a dual system train, ZTZ in German for short.
The purchase of these powered rail car trains had become necessary for the Rhaetian Railroad, since the existing rolling stock, which had been in use for more than 40 years, had to be modernized and adapted to current customer demands. The last of the 15 ALLEGRA units was delivered to the Rhaetian Railroad in the first quarter of 2011.
Currently, the ALLEGRA units can be seen on the 384 kilometer / 240 mile network with passenger and freight trains as well by itself. Chiefly the Bernina Express running from Chur and Davos to Tirano is the standard area of use for these powered rail car trains.

Regional trains on the on the Bernina route and between Chur and Arosa as well as between Landquart and Davos/Filisur are also powered with the ALLEGRA. A multi-faceted three-unit train with a length over the buffers of 49.50 meters / 162 feet 5 inches.

Just after delivery of the first train to the Rhaetian Railroad, planning was started at LGB to put this unique powered rail car train on the rails of garden railroads. Finally, it was ready in 2012 and LGB introduced this elegant and ultramodern new showpiece of the Rhaetian Railroad as a model. Barely introduced, an ALLEGRA arrived in Arosa in the dead of winter with lettering on the front of the train specially done for LGB "LGB-Neuheit 2012" / "LGB New Item 2012".



Rugnux Viadukt Zug 1136 und Bernina Wildwestbrücke
Picture caption on the top: The ALLEGRA also runs on the Albula Line that has been part of the UNESCO World Culture Heritage since 2009. Here it is running on the Rugnux-Lehnen Viaduct between Preda and Bergün. Picture caption on the bottom: Whether on a model railroad or in the prototype, mountains, bridges, and water form a harmonious image together with the ALLEGRA. At Alp-Bondo the ALLEGRA is running on a Wild West bridge and thereby crossing a mountain brook.

Currently, the ALLEGRA represents a quantum leap in terms of performance, features, and applied technology in the prototype as well as at LGB.

Whether it's a small inside layout or a large outdoor layout, the LGB ALLEGRA can be used everywhere. Thanks to a newly developed and proven close coupling that can be adjusted in length, there are no limits on using this train on your LGB layout at home.

The detailing on this 206 cm / 81-1/8" long train from LGB is also convincing. Two completely equipped and lighted cabs as well as a completely equipped passenger compartment in all three cars make you want more. In addition, there are doors that can be opened, sprung buffers, and numerous finely detailed separately applied parts on the two ends. Both of the pantographs on the powered end cars can be raised and lowered digitally. This ensures running and operating fun.



The delivery of individual ALLEGRA powered rail car trains has changed things in more than just the prototype. After production of the first series, LGB also made several adjustments and improvements to the large steel molds that weigh tons.

The way the bodies were mounted with screws was adjusted, and the mounts for the seats in the passenger compartments were also definitely improved. Furthermore, the new ALLEGRA has ball bearing axles on the intermediate car as well as reworked electronics.

Whether alone as a shuttle train between two stations or with passenger and freight ca
rs from the LGB assortment coupled to it, the ALLEGRA always cuts a good figure on an LGB home layout. This model can thus be used universally like its prototype.

The LGB ALLEGRA with two powered trucks and axles mounted in ball bearings on the intermediate car is similarly especially capable. Without a doubt, the ALLEGRA is tempting and a highlight on any LGB layout.

Gauge G Era VI Locomotives

Gauge G Era VI Locomotives