Special LGB models for the anniversary ...

… 90 years of the Glacier Express

The Glacier Express has been connecting the two world-famous Swiss holiday resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt for 90 years. What started out small and humble was expanded and optimized due to the increasing tourism. The rolling stock was renewed several times, so since 2005, in line with the 75th birthday at the time, new panoramic cars have been used. These modern cars have proven themselves to this day, but here too, after 15 years of operation, it is time for a facelift.

The Glacier Express is particularly noticeable today due to the panoramic cars with the Swiss crosses at the ends of the carriages. In most cases, four to six carriages form a train, which is operated individually at both partner railways, the Rhaetian Railway and the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway. While the Glacier Express lettering is attached to the service car on the train, the Rhaetian Railway has provided a Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive with a corresponding Glacier Express lettering.

In addition to the Ge 4/4 II 623, which has been promoting the Glacier Express since summer 2018, there will also be three new Glacier Express panorama coaches from LGB. In addition to a 1st class car and a 2nd class car, LGB is also realizing the new Glacier Express Excellence Class car to be launched in Switzerland in early 2019. This car stands out on the outside by two golden stripes, inside the travelers can enjoy the journey with guaranteed window seat. This makes 1/1 seating possible.

Glacier-Express Ex. Class





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The LGB Glacier Express

Of course you will also find suitable cars in the LGB range, with which you can replicate a beautiful Glacier Express on your home system. 

Gauge G (Schmalspur) Era VI Locomotives

Art.-No. 33666

RhB Panorama Car, 1st Class

425,00 €
Article temporarily not in stock.
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Gauge G (Schmalspur) Era VI Wagons

Art.-No. 33670

RhB Excellence Class Panorama Car

435,00 €
Article temporarily not in stock.
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Gauge G (Schmalspur) Era VI Wagons

Art.-No. 33671

RhB Panorama Car, 2nd Class

425,00 €
Article not yet in stock.

Gauge G (Schmalspur) Era VI Wagons

We guarantee you an unforgettable journey, lots of information about the region and the landscape as well as a unique experience. We hope you enjoy your LGB Glacier Express and ride the original. Further information on the Glacier Express can be found at www.glacier-express.ch

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