We are looking for the best garden railroad in 2023Layout Competition 2023

Many garden railroaders have been hard at work on their layouts in the past few years. Which reminds us that it’s that time again: We are looking for the best garden railroad of the year 2023. Join in for a chance to win!

We are looking for the most beautiful garden railway again for 2023! Life offers an abundance of ideas. Of course, this also - or even more so - applies to garden railways. Every terrain has its own topography, every garden railway enthusiast his own priorities. For some it is a matter of realising a railway line as true to the prototype as possible, for others it is above all a matter of creating a harmonious unity of nature and technology. Surprise us with your garden railway. No matter whether you have built a US layout, a rocky mountain track with viaducts, a garden landscape with waterfalls or a track oval lovingly embedded in the garden - we are open to all variations of garden railways.

Everyone can take part, regardless of whether the plant is outdoors or indoors, whether it is located in Europe, the USA or another country. The decisive factor is the overall impression of the installation, which is judged by a jury of experts. Take part - it's worth it. The deadline for entries is 31 July 2023.

JOIN IN - here's how

  • Complete the questionnaire

    Fill in the questionnaire (see below) for your plant. You can also request the questionnaire in writing at the address below.

  • Take photos

    Please complete your application with four informative photos showing your plant in full and in detail.

  • Create a track plan sketch

    Please enclose a track plan sketch with your application, as this provides the jury with an overall impression of your layout.

  • Send

    Please forward the completed questionnaire, photos and track planning sketch by e-mail to: LGB-Depesche@3g-media.de
    or send them by mail:
    LGB Depesche
    c/o Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH
    Stuttgarter Straße 55–57
    73033 Göppingen