Gauge G - Article No. 19903

Switch Power Set, 230 Volt

Switch Power Set, 230 Volt
Switch Power Set, 230 Volt

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Article No.19903
Gauge / Design type G /
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  • Product description

    Want to convert your manual switches to electric? This complete set makes it simple to convert, power and control up to three switches! It includes a UL-listed AC transformer (230 Volt),a 51750 LGB Control Box, three 12010 LGB Switch Drives and color-coded cable. It's perfect with the 19901 and 19902 track expansion sets, but you can use it with all LGB switches and electric signals.

  • Publications

    - Programme 2009 - Katalog 2009/10 - Catalog 2010 - Catalog 2011 - Catalog 2013 - Catalog 2014


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