ABe 8/12 | Gauge G - Article No. 20225

RhB Class ABe 8/12 "Allegra" Powered Rail Car Train

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RhB Class ABe 8/12 "Allegra" Powered Rail Car Train
RhB Class ABe 8/12 "Allegra" Powered Rail Car Train

Most Important Facts

Article No. 20225
Gauge / Design type G /
Era VI
Kind Powered Rail Cars
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Completely new tooling.
  • Product description

    RhB (Rhaetian Railroad) class ABe 8/12 3-part electric powered rail car train. The model looks as the prototype did in the anniversary year for the 100th anniversary of the Bernina line. It has a new road number. The LGB model of the "Allegra" features full equipment and is completely new tooling. Both powered end cars have Bühler motors for more pulling power. Naturally, additional cars can be coupled to it just like in the prototype. The model has a correct arrangement of LED headlights that change over with the direction of travel and the lights have different functions such as emergency stop (double red), long distance headlights, and Swiss headlight / marker light changeover in red and white. Of course, the doors can be opened. The model has an MTS decoder and extensive sound functions (organized into an analog and a digital sound part) such as whistle, operating sounds, compressor, releasing air pressure, station announcements, conductor's whistle, doors being closed, and brake squealing. The pantographs can be raised and lowered by motor on both end cars. The pantographs on the middle car can be raised and lowered manually. The model has two general-purpose electrical sockets, traction tires, sprung buffers, snowplows (included as fill-in pieces to exchange with the regular couplers), and a multi-step selector switch for the mode of operation. All of the cars in the train have metal wheels and are close coupled. The model has many separately applied details such as rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, antennas, brake hoses, etc. The model has reproductions of the engineer's cab areas, control desk, and interior details; both cabs and the interior are lighted and the lighting can be controlled digitally. It also has a prototypical paint scheme and lettering. A booklet is included with lots of information about the Bernina line and the anniversary of the Bernina line in 2010. Length over the buffers approximately 206 cm / 81-1/8".

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