Wismarer Schienenbuss, Typ Hannover | Gauge G - Article No. 23660

DR Rail Bus, Road No. VT 133 524

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DR Rail Bus, Road No. VT 133 524
DR Rail Bus, Road No. VT 133 524

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Article No. 23660
Gauge / Design type G /
Kind Powered Rail Cars
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  • Product description

    This is the Hannover type Wismar rail bus. This powered rail car is affectionately known in everyday language as the "Little Pig's Snout", and it will look great on your LGB layout too. Your passengers can put their bags and suitcases on the large roof baggage carrier and in the front baggage compartments next to the motor hoods. The sliding doors can be opened so that passengers can board and enter the detailed, lighted interior space. Railroad fans will admire the German State Railroad (DR) paint and lettering that is true to the original. The locomotive engineer will delighted at the headlights / red marker lights that change over automatically with the direction of travel.

    Prototype: In 1939, the Priegnitz County Short Line Railways placed two narrow gauge Hannover type Wismar rail buses into service. They were equipped with two motors and engineer's areas at both ends of the units. This did away with the need to turn this rail bus as the end of the route. This resulted in a considerable savings in time for operation on branch lines and short routes, which contributed to the popularity of this type.

    Model: This detailed, weatherproof model has a rich array of features. It has the following: Entry doors that can be opened, four-position operating mode selector switch, encapsulated gear drive unit with a seven-pole Bühler motor, two axles powered, four power pickups, a voltage limiting system, headlights that change over with the direction of travel, and interior lighting. Length: 44.5 cm / 17-1/2", weight: 1,760 grams / 3 pounds 14 ounces.

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