99 222, HSB | Gauge G - Article No. 26812

HSB Steam Locomotive, Road Number 99 222

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HSB Steam Locomotive, Road Number 99 222
HSB Steam Locomotive, Road Number 99 222

Most Important Facts

Article No. 26812
Gauge / Design type G /
Era VI
Kind Steam Locomotives
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  • Extensive, re-design in the area of the
  • smoke box door,
  • main air tanks,
  • Knorr surface pre-heater,
  • and many other details.
  • Product description

    One-time series limited to 300 pieces, model of the HSB (Harz Narrow Gauge Railroad) standard design narrow gauge steam locomotive, road number 99 222, with five powered axles. This redesign, for example in the area of the Knorr surface pre-heater or the smoke box door with central locking, reproduces the Era VI original of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railroad completely and prototypically.
    The locomotive is extensively painted, precisely and richly imprinted, and finely weathered. On the technical side this model has a multi-train-system decoder, complete sound features such as a bell and a whistle, coal being shoveled, brake sounds, air pump, safety valve, etc. It has a very detailed engineer's cab painted in several colors. The engineer's cab doors, the smoke box door, the roof windows, etc. can be opened. The cab lighting, running lights, and triple headlights change with the direction of travel. This model also has two powerful Bühler motors, traction tires, and a general-purpose socket and smoke generator with smoke exhaust synchronized with the motion of the wheels. The locomotive comes packaged in a high-quality case made of real wood and naturally comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
    Length over the buffers 55 cm / 21-5/8".

    Comes in a high-quality case made of real wood. Numbered certificate of authenticity.

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    One-time series limited to 300 pieces. Limited to 300 pieces.

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