Ge 4/4 II, RhB | Gauge G - Article No. 28434

RhB Class Ge 4/4 II Electric Locomotive

This is a Rhaetian Railroad class Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive in the Era IV green paint scheme. It has extensive features such as multiple train control. The locomotive has extensive sound functions. The pantographs can be raised and lowered electrically, and the locomotive has lighting in the engineer's cabs. The locomotive is equipped with 2 powerful motors. Traction tires. Model weight approximately 4,200 grams / 9 pounds 4 ounces. Length over the buffers approximately 57 cm / 22-7/16".

$ 4 C E F
RhB Class Ge 4/4 II Electric Locomotive
RhB Class Ge 4/4 II Electric Locomotive

Most Important Facts

Article No. 28434
Gauge / Design type G /
Era V
Kind Electric Locomotives
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