Gauge G - Article No. 40816

RhB Type Xk Railroad Maintenance Car

$ 5 6 G
RhB Type Xk Railroad Maintenance Car
RhB Type Xk Railroad Maintenance Car

Most Important Facts

Article No. 40816
Gauge / Design type G /
Era V
Kind Freight Cars
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  • Product description

    Type Xk railroad maintenance car for the catenary department at Landquart.
    Former Rhaetian Railroad type Gb 5915 boxcar.
    Freight cars no longer needed for regular service are sometimes rebuilt for maintenance service and serve as material cars are. 40816 is an authentic model with extensive paintwork and lettering. The paint scheme is correct on the frame and the handrails. The doors can be opened. The car has metal wheels. Length over the buffers 39 cm / 15-3/8".

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