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Set of Roller Carriers

Soon after the construction of the first narrow gauge lines, the problem arose that freight had to be reloaded at the transfer stations. A search was thus made for a better solution, and one of these solutions was to reload complete standard gauge cars on so-called roller carriers. A roller carrier is a small narrow gauge wheeled vehicle on which a wheelset of the standard gauge is loaded. Two roller carriers are thus required for a two-axle car. The roller carriers were in some cases equipped with the appropriate braking system of the narrow gauge line (compressed air, suction air, cable brakes), but there were also roller carriers without brakes. As a rule, only freight cars were loaded on roller carriers. It was not customary with passenger cars. Even today, roller carriers are still used to load freight cars – above all in Switzerland.

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Set of Roller Carriers
Set of Roller Carriers

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Article No. 48180
Gauge / Design type G /
Era I-V
Kind Freight Car Sets
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  • Completely new tooling
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    This is a set consisting of four roller carriers, as they were used on many narrow gauge lines and still are today in some cases. This is completely new tooling. A two-axle car can be loaded on two roller carriers. Cars with a gauge of 64 mm / 2-1/2" as well as standard LGB cars can be loaded. The roller carriers and the cars to be loaded on them are coupled together and to the locomotive or a car with a standard LGB coupler by means of the drawbars included in the set. The roller carriers have metal wheelsets. Length of a roller carrier 10 cm / 3-15/16".

    Can be used on many narrow gauge railroads.

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