Bernina Express | Gauge G - Article No. 49660

Bernina Express Car Set

Bernina Express Car Set
Bernina Express Car Set

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Article No.49660
Gauge / Design type G /
KindPassenger Car Sets
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  • Product description

    The Rhaetian Railroad's Bernina Express links Chur in Switzerland with Tirano in Italy on the railroad route designated as a Unesco world heritage. This tourist train masters of height of 2,253 meters / approximately 7,322 feet above sea level at the peak of the route (Ospizio Bernina). This prototypically painted car set consists of three 2nd class cars, each lettered individually, and one 1st class car. All of the cars have the new Era V paint scheme that was applied starting in 2005. The doors on the cars can be opened and all of the cars have interior lighting and metal wheel sets.
    Length over the buffers for each car 68 cm / 26-3/4".

    The 49660 car set is being produced in a one-time series only.

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