Article No. 64193

Knuckle Couplers, Type 2, 2 pieces

Knuckle Couplers, Type 2, 2 pieces
Knuckle Couplers, Type 2, 2 pieces

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Article No.64193
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    In America, the "knuckle" coupler is the standard for all railroads, and you can add that realistic touch to your LGB trains. This working knuckle coupler fits most LGB American-prototype rolling stock built after 1980. In most cases, all you need is a screwdriver to make the change. This stronger, upgraded coupler is engineered to handle the rigors of outdoor operation. It features a large coupling claw and floating coupler head for secure coupling, even on curved and uneven track. It can be uncoupled remotely using the LGB 10560 Electric Coupler, and it is compatible with the original LGB knuckle coupler (LGB 64192).

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