DR Gepäckwagen KD4 | Gauge G - Article No. 30324

DR Type KD4 Baggage Car

DR Type KD4 Baggage Car
Article No. 30324
Gauge G
Kind Passenger Cars
Article not produced anymore.


  • This car is still presently in use as a museum car as shown here on the Pressnitz Valley Railroad.

Product description

This is a model of the DR type KD4 baggage car as it was used formerly on many DR lines and as it is still used presently on several museum railroads in Saxony. This is the version with wooden walls, sliding doors that can be opened, and many details typical of this design such as truss rods on the car floor. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era III / IV. The car has metal wheelsets. Length over the buffers 48 cm / 18-7/8".


The Saxon class IV K in different versions is available under item numbers 26844 and 26845 as motive power for this car. Passenger cars to go with it are available under item numbers 31356 and 31357.


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$ New item
3 Era 3
4 Era 4
6 Era 6
G Adults only


ATTENTION: adults only