Personenwagen | Gauge G - Article No. 33671

RhB Panorama Car, 2nd Class

The panorama cars are typical for the Glacier Express and there are different versions of them. In addition to first class cars, second class cars were also acquired, and they offered passengers greater than average comfort. Naturally, a great view of the grand mountain world is also included here.

RhB Panorama Car, 2nd Class
Article No. 33671
Gauge G
Era VI
Kind Passenger Cars
Article not produced anymore.


  • New – equipped with LED interior lighting.

Product description

This is a model of a Rhaetian Railroad panorama car, 2nd class, as it is used in the Glacier Express. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The car has a complete interior matching the prototype. It also has built-in interior lighting and ball bearing wheelsets. The doors can be opened. Length over the buffers 68 cm / 26-3/4".

Reissue due to the high demand


A beautiful model train of the Glacier Express can be assembled with this car, the 28446 locomotive, the 33670 Excellence Class car, and the 33666 first class car.


- Summer New Items 2020 - Fall New Items 2021 - Catalog 2021


$ New item
6 Era 6
E With lighting
G Adults only


ATTENTION: adults only
ATTENTION: not for children under 15 years