Gauge G - Article No. 39359

Historic Car Set

Historic Car Set
Article No.39359
KindPassenger Car Sets
Article not produced anymore.


  • Prototypical paint schemes and lettering.
  • All of the cars are individually packaged.

Product description

This car set consists of a total of 3 four-axle passenger cars and a four-axle boxcar, all painted and lettered for the SOEG. All of the cars have prototypical paint schemes and lettering. The doors on these cars can be opened. You can use this car set to expand the Saxon class IK locomotive, item no. 20980, into a prototypical train. Length over the buffers for each passenger car 58 cm / 22-7/8" and the boxcar 43 cm / 16-15/16".


This car set can be used to expand the 20980 locomotive into a prototypical train.


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$New item
6Era 6


ATTENTION: adults only