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Museum Car for 2013

Museum Car for 2013
Article No.40021
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Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Two-axle privately owned freight car lettered for the firm da Vinci Defet Pinsel, Nürnberg, Germany. The model has an Era III paint scheme and lettering. The doors on the car can be opened. The car has metal wheel sets. Length over the buffers approximately 33.5 cm / 13-3/16".

One-time series in 2013. Only available at the Märklin Museum in Göppingen.


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Prototype information

In June of 1952 the brand name "da Vinci" registered by Marianne and Hansfried Defet was officially confirmed by the German Patent Office and since then has stood as a seal of quality for the products of this Nürnberg paint brush specialist. High quality, processed material, traditional hand work, and the latest production processes have always gone hand in hand so that optimal quality standards are assured for the entire range of products. Artist's brushes are the foundation of the production program. The basis for all of these products was, is, and will also be in the future: careful selection of raw materials that are treated for the most part in the company's own finish or in subsequent treatment for the individual type of brushes. In addition, an equivalent attitude is taken with the education of a brush maker. Each of the specialized workers has passed a three-year apprenticeship before he or she is assigned to a particular product group and is also trained for it. Furthermore, the level of knowledge and the skills are continuously foster after the educational process. The axiom "Made in Germany" is not and never has been in question. In the opinion of the company this is the only way to ensure consistent quality for all of their products. More information is available at


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