Gauge G - Article No. 48570

RhB Type Haik-v Sliding Wall Boxcar

RhB Type Haik-v Sliding Wall Boxcar
Article No. 48570
Gauge G
Era VI
Kind Freight Cars
Article not produced anymore.


  • New mold tooling
  • - New doors with vertical braces
  • - Short roof

Product description

This is a Rhaetian Railroad (RhB) 4-axle sliding wall boxcar with large RhB lettering. The car has new doors with vertical braces and a short roof over the brakeman's platform. The car is prototypically painted and lettered. Naturally, the sliding doors can be opened and closed like the prototype. The car has metal solid wheels. Length over the buffers 62 cm / 24-3/8".


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$ New item
6 Era 6
G Adults only


ATTENTION: adults only