Schiebewandwagen mit Kühlgerät | Gauge G - Article No. 48574

Sliding Wall Boxcar with Refrigeration Equipment

The four-axle high capacity freight cars with sliding walls are indispensable on the Rhaetian Railroad network, whether in the silver gray RhB paint scheme or with colorful advertising for the firms making use of these cars. Several of these cars have been equipped with refrigeration equipment to transport heat-sensitive freight. You can recognize this on the end of the car. Fresh products, which must be cooled, can be transported by train.

Sliding Wall Boxcar with Refrigeration Equipment
Article No. 48574
Gauge G
Era VI
Kind Freight Cars
For Clubmembers only.

Product description

This is a model of a Rhaetian Railroad (RhB) four-axle sliding wall boxcar with built-on refrigeration equipment. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for VI. The sliding doors can be prototypically opened and closed. The car has metal solid wheelsets. Length over the buffers 62 cm / 24-3/8".

Exclusively for Club members.


Refrigeration equipment is new tooling.


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$ New item
6 Era 6
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G Adults only


ATTENTION: adults only
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