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Diesel Sound Kit

Diesel Sound Kit
Article No. 65006
Gauge G
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Kind Decoder
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A sound kit for specific locomotives in the 2x52x series already equipped with the MTS decoder. This kit brings prototypical diesel sound to your LGB locomotive. It has the following digital electronic sounds available: Diesel motor Electric traction motors Horn and whistle (before starting and at grade crossings) Conductor's announcements (with MTS) Brake sounds, applying brakes and releasing the air for brakes Sounds of the locomotive standing (In MTS operation when standing, idling and relief valve) Remote control operation of the sound functions (with the MTS system) Magnet-controlled activation of the whistle and horn (magnet not included) This set includes a complete kit with all of the required parts, consisting of: LGB sound module with volume control Connecting wires High quality speaker Complete installation hardware Installation instructions Operating instructions.


This is the appropriate sound decoder for 25522 or also 24520, etc.


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