LGB Club Models

Each year selected models by LGB are produced for members of the LGB CLUB ®. These products are dedicated to the classics of railway history. They offer a very special experience for true fans. Would you enjoy being able to annually purchase a precious collector's item? Then we would be pleased to welcome you to the LGB CLUB ® soon.  

RhB Double Stake Car

Art.-Nr. 45923
RhB Double Stake Car
Club Model

This is a model of an RhB type Sp-w double stake car. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The car has new high end walls that serve to safeguard the load in the prototype. The car does not have a brakeman's platform but does have a hand brake wheel mounted on the side. The car is loaded with pipe.
Length over the buffers 66 cm / 26".

Highlight: End walls as new tooling.

Price: 199,99 EUR