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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
10340Automatic Shuttle Reversing Circuit (Pendelautomatik)Manual
10345Shuttle Train Automatic Circuit Box (Pendelautomatik)Manual
50110AC Transformer, 5.5 Amp, 18 Volts, 230 Volts (Wechselstromtrafo 5,5 Ampere, 18 Volt, 230 Volt)
50170Transformer and Throttle, 1 Amp, 230 Volts (Trafo und Regler, 1 Ampere, 230 Volt)
50171Transformer and Throttle, 1 Amp, 120 Volt (Trafo und Regler, 1 Ampere, 120 Volt)
50174Transformer and Throttle, 1 Amp, 240 Volt (Trafo und Regler, 1 Ampere, 240 Volt)
50177Transformer and Throttle, 1 Amp, 100 Volt (Trafo und Regler, 1 Ampere, 100 Volt)
51070Electronic Locomotive Controller, 5 Amps (Fahrregler, 5 A)Manual
51079Electronic Locomotive Controller, 5 Amps (Elektronischer Fahrregler, 5 A)Manual
5109036 Watt Switched Mode Power Pack (Schaltnetzteil 36 Watt)Manual
51095100 Watt Switched Mode Power Pack (Schaltnetzteil 100 Watt)Manual
51099Locomotive Controller (Fahrregler)Manual
51750Control Box (Stellpult)Manual
51755Control Box (Stellpult (neue Farben))Manual
51800Control Box (Schaltpult)Manual
51805Control Box (Schaltpult (neue Farben))Manual
52120Electronic Locomotive Controller, 5 Amps (Fahrregler, 5 A)Manual
52121Electronic Panel Mount Locomotive Controller, 5 Amps (Elektronischer Einbaufahrregler, 5 A)Manual
55006MTS Central Station III (MZS Zentrale III)Manual
55015Universal Remote Controller (Universal-Handy)Manual
55016Handheld Locomotive Controller (Lok-Handy)Manual
55050Wireless Transmitter (RC-Sender)Manual
55055Wireless Receiver (RC-Empfänger)Manual
55056Wireless Receiver, USA (RC-Empfänger, US-Version)
55081MTS Reversing Loop Module (MZS-Kehrschleifenmodul)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
55085MTS Reverse Loop Module (MZS-Kehrschleifenmodul (neu ab 2014))Manual
55090MTS Power Booster (Power-Booster)Manual
55106MTS Starter Pack III (MZS Starter Set III)