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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
55021 MTS Locomotive Decoder II (MZS-Lok-Decoder II) Manual
55022 MTS Decoder for Small ­Locomotives (MZS-Kleinlok-Decoder) Manual
55024 MTS Turnout Decoder, Single Channel (MZS Weichendecoder, 1 Kanal) Manual
55025 MTS Turnout Decoder (MZS-Weichendecoder) Manual
55027 MTS Locomotive Decoder III (MZS-Lok-Decoder III) Manual
55028 Locomotive Decoder (Nachrüst-Lok-Decoder) Manual Information
55045 MTS PC Decoder Programming Module (MZS-PC-Decoderprogrammiermodul) Manual
55524 Turnout Decoder, 1 Circuit (mfx/DCC- Weichendecoder, 1-Kanal) Manual
55525 MZS Turnout Decoder, 4-Channel (mfx/DCC-Weichendecoder 4-Kanal) Manual
65000 European Steam Sound Module (Europäisches Dampf Sound-Modul) Manual
65001 American Steam Sound Module (Sound-Modul) Manual
65002 European Diesel Sound Module (Sound-Modul) Manual
65003 American Diesel Sound Module (Sound-Modul) Manual
65004 European Electric Loco Sound Unit (Sound-Modul) Manual
65006 Diesel Sound Kit (Nachrüst-Sounddecoder) Manual
65011 Standing Sounds Power Supply Unit (Standgeräusch-Soundmodule) Manual
65012 Mogul Sound Module Function Activator (Mogul/Sound-Modul- Funktionsauslösung) Manual