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Museum Car for 2014

Article No. 40022
Gauge G
K.Sä.Sts.E.B. offener Güterwagen

K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. Gondola

Article No. 40032
Gauge G
HSB offener Güterwagen Ow

HSB Type Ow Gondola

Article No. 40036
Gauge G
DB offener Güterwagen

DB Gondola

Article No. 40039
Gauge G

RhB Type Gak-v Freight Car

Article No. 40081
Gauge G
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Sächsischer Güterwagen 1531K

Saxon Freight Car, Car Number 1531K

Article No. 40269
Gauge G
Güterwagen mit Teddy

Gondola with a "Steiff Teddy" Freight Load

Article No. 41229
Gauge ----------
Güterwagen "Miele"


Article No. 42264
Gauge G
ÖBB gedeckter Güterwagen

ÖBB Boxcar

Article No. 42636
Gauge G
ÖBB offener Güterwagen

ÖBB Gondola

Article No. 42637
Gauge G