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Doing a search with the LGB product database enables you to find Märklin items quickly. The database has all of the catalog data since 2009.

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DB Low Side Car

Article No. 41160
Gauge G


Article No. 41284
Gauge G

RhB Container Car

Article No. 41891
Gauge G

Fire Fighting Train Tank Car

Article No. 42010
Gauge G
Gw Weihenstephan


Article No. 42261
Gauge G

Dump Car, Red

Article No. 42430
Gauge G
Article in stock. 41,99 € RRP, incl. Tax


Article No. 42793
Gauge G

DRG Freight Car Set

Article No. 43230
Gauge G

Refrigerator Car

Article No. 43261
Gauge G
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