LGB Depesche

Issue 2/2022

Once again, the summer months will see layouts everywhere come to life. And LGB is playing its part in making the pleasure of running trains as varied as possible. First up, we are releasing the class T3 diesel powered rail car as a new tooling that celebrates the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways. As far back as the 1930s, the railroads throughout the Harz region set about modernizing their fleets. In addition to steam locos, they planned to use diesel powered rail cars to offer greater flexibility in their passenger services. Three of these rail cars entered service and by the late 1950s were handling most of the traffic on the Brocken route. After the arrival of the Iron Curtain in 1961 brought traffic on the Brocken to a halt, the diesel powered rail cars became less important and were assigned to less prestigious services on other railroads and were scrapped relatively soon afterwards. Only the class T3 survived – stored away and forgotten until after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when members of the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways (HSB) set about restoring it. The restored T3 even resumed scheduled services in 2007. Although currently out of service due to an expired operating permit, the class T3 represents an important piece of history of the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways. The model is also extremely impressive as the report starting on page 6 demonstrates convincingly. Naturally, the upcoming summer offers many other ways for you to enjoy the fascination of garden railroads. For example, we can strongly recommend a visit to the Hotel “Fichtenhäusel” in Germany’s Ore Mountains, where Benny Langer has constructed a railroad full of variety that is inspired by the Pressnitz Valley and Fichtelberg Railways. Or why not take a trip on the new RhB Capricorn rail car trains, which have exceeded all expectations in everyday use. Once again, we have collected lots of exciting stories for you in this issue.

Enjoy your reading and do stay safe.

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Depesche 2/2022