Gauge G - Article No. 55027

MTS Locomotive Decoder III

MTS Locomotive Decoder III
MTS Locomotive Decoder III

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Article No. 55027
Gauge / Design type G /
Kind Decoder
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  • Product description

    The new MTS Locomotive Decoder III is designed for using your locomotive in digital operation (NMRA DCC) as well as in analog operation. It can power up to two LGB motors. It can be installed in all LGB locomotives and powered rail cars equipped with one or two motors. This decoder has two lighting and six function outputs, overload/overheating protection, programmable special functions, and a connecting cable for the new LGB DCC connector.
    Technical data: Maximum load: 4 amps / Maximum load for motor outputs: 3 amps.
    Overview of functions: Locomotive addresses 1-10239 can be programmed / 14 or 28 speed levels, 128 speed levels are supported / Analog and digital load compensation can be adapted to different types of locomotives / Serial and parallel control of all lighting and function outputs / Programmable flashing lights and short-term functions / Programmable simulated wheel sensor function
    These functions and others can be programmed using the Universal Remote Controller (LGB 55015) or the MTS PC Decoder Programming Module (LGB 55045).

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  • Publications

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