Gauge G - Article No. 65000

European Steam Sound Module

European Steam Sound Module
European Steam Sound Module

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Article No. 65000
Gauge / Design type G /
Kind Decoder
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    Now you can add digital sound to your LGB locomotive! This module combines electronics, volume control, and a speaker all in one, compact box (60 x 68 x 23 mm / 2-3/8” x 2-11/16” x 7/8”). It’s small enough to fit easily into most LGB freight and passenger cars or in the cab of many LGB locos. Just connect two wires to track power or to a locomotive general-purpose socket, and you’re ready to enjoy digital LGB sound. This unit offers an authentic steam chuff sound. With the LGB Multi-Train System, you can activate by remote control additional sounds like bell, whistle, brake sounds, and station announcements. All LGB Sound Units are equipped with a Multi-Train System sound decoder and are thereby ready for MTS operation. In analog operation the standing sounds power supply unit (LGB 65011) can be added so that you can the sounds made by the locomotive when it is stopped. The sound module function activation unit (LGB 65012) can be added so that bell and whistle sounds can be activated by means of track magnets.

    Note: LGB sound modules are specially designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation in a car or a locomotive cab. Therefore, our LGB factory service stations cannot install these and other sound modules units.

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