Gauge G - Article No. 65012

Mogul Sound Module Function Activator

Mogul Sound Module Function Activator
Mogul Sound Module Function Activator

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Article No. 65012
Gauge / Design type G /
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  • Product description

    You can activate the bell and whistle/horn sounds in your sound module (LGB 65000-65004) with this easy-to-install kit. It‘s designed to fit most LGB Mogul locos and LGB rolling stock with “arch bar” style trucks (LGB 67402 as found on cars like the 43620, 43670, and 48720). Just attach the activator to the truck with the screws that come with the kit and plug the connecting wire into your sound module. It can be used with the sound activation magnets (LGB 17050). Note: This kit can be easily adapted to other locos and styles of trucks. Our factory customer service cannot do this installation. On MTS layouts the bell and whistle sounds can be activated by remote control, and this kit is not necessary.

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