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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
10015 Track Planning Template (Gleisschablone) Manual
10151 LGB Reverse Loop Track Set 2 each 150 mm (Kehrschleifen-Garnitur) Manual
10152 LGB Straight Separation Track 150 mm (Trenngleis) Manual
10153 LGB Straight Interrupter Track 150 mm (Unterbrechergleis) Manual
10310 Lighted Track Bumper (Prellbock) Sparepartslist Manual
10560 LGB Electric Uncoupler Track 150 mm (El. Entkupplungsgleis) Manual
11152 LGB Curved Separation Track 15° (Trenngleis) Manual
12000 LGB Right Manual Turnout 30° (Handweiche) Manual
12010 Turnout Mechanism (Weichenantrieb) Sparepartslist Manual Order spare parts
12040 Lighted Turnout Lantern (Weichenlaterne) Manual
12050 LGB Right Electric Turnout 30° (Elektrische Weiche rechts, R1, 30°) Manual
12070 LGB Turnout/Signal Auxiliary Switch (Zusatzschalter) Manual
12100 LGB Left Manual Turnout 30° (Handweiche links, R1, 30°) Manual
12140 Lighted RhB Turnout Lantern (RhB Weichenlaterne beleuchtet) Manual
12150 LGB Left Electric Turnout 30° (Elektrische Weiche links, R1) Manual
16040 LGB Right Manual Turnout 22.5° (Handweiche rechts, R3, 22,5°) Manual
16050 LGB Right Electric Turnout 22.5° (Elektrische Weiche, rechts, R3) Manual
16150 LGB Left Electric Turnout 22.5° (Elektrische Weiche, links, R3) Manual
17010 Activating Magnet (Schaltmagnet) Manual
17100 Track Contact (Gleiskontakt) Manual
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