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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
10015Track Planning Template (Gleisschablone)Manual
10151Reverse Loop Track Set, 2 each 150 mm / 5-7/8“ (Kehrschleifen-Garnitur)Manual
10152Straight Separation Track, 150 mm / 5-7/8“ (Trenngleis)Manual
10153Straight Interrupter Track, 150 mm / 5-7/8“ (Unterbrechergleis)Manual
10310Lighted Track Bumper (Prellbock)Manual
10560Electric Uncoupler Track, 150 mm / 5-7/8“ (El. Entkupplungsgleis)Manual
11152Curved Separation Track, R1, 15° (Trenngleis)Manual
12000Right Manual Turnout, R1, 30° (Handweiche)Manual
12010Turnout Mechanism (Weichenantrieb)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
12040Lighted Turnout Lantern (Weichenlaterne)Manual
12050Right Electric Turnout, R1, 30° (Elektrische Weiche rechts, R1, 30°)Manual
12070LGB Turnout/Signal Auxiliary Switch (Zusatzschalter)Manual
12100Left Manual Turnout, R1, 30° (Handweiche links, R1, 30°)Manual
12140Lighted RhB Turnout Lantern (RhB Weichenlaterne beleuchtet)Manual
12150Left Electric Turnout, R1, 30° (Elektrische Weiche links, R1)Manual
16040Right Manual Turnout R3, 22.5° (Handweiche rechts, R3, 22,5°)Manual
16050Right Electric Turnout, R3, 22.5° (Elektrische Weiche, rechts, R3)Manual
16150Left Electric Turnout, R3, 22.5° (Elektrische Weiche, links, R3)Manual
17010Activating Magnet (Schaltmagnet)Manual
17100Track Contact (Gleiskontakt)Manual