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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
45300 RhB Freight Car, Car Number Gk 5269 (Güterwagen) Sparepartslist Order spare parts
45651 Lake George and Boulder Railroad Caboose (Caboose Lake George & Boulder Railroad) Sparepartslist Manual
45897 RhB Container Car, coop® Lemon (Containerwagen, RhB) Sparepartslist Order spare parts
45898 RhB Car Set with Containers for coop® (Containerwagen) Sparepartslist
45922 RhB Type Re-w Stake Car (Rungenwagen RhB) Sparepartslist Manual Order spare parts
45923 RhB Double Stake Car (RhB Doppelrungenwagen) Sparepartslist Manual
47570 RhB Sliding Wall Boxcar (RhB Schiebewandwagen) Manual
47572 RhB Type Haiqq-tvz 5171 Sliding Wall Boxcar (Schiebewandwagen) Sparepartslist Order spare parts
47832 RhB Conrad Storz Tank Car (RhB Kesselwagen Conrad-Storz) Sparepartslist Manual
47833 RhB Tank Car as the Club Model for 2016 (RhB Kesselwagen Clubmodell 2016) Sparepartslist Manual