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Zillertalbahn Fasslwagen

Ziller Valley Railroad Barrel Car

Article No. 32421
Gauge G
SOEG Barwagen

The Zittau bar car

Article No. 36360
Gauge G
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Kesselwagenset KVG/Wascosa

Petroleum Tank Car Set

Article No. 47831
Gauge G

RhB Museum ABe 4/4 Railcar, 34, Sound

Article No. 21392
Gauge G
Triebwagenzug Kirnitzschtalbahn

Kirnitzschtalbahn Streetcar Train

Article No. 23363
Gauge G
Triebwagen RhB-Berninabahn

RhB Class ABe 4/4 Powered Rail Car, Road Number 31

Article No. 24390
Gauge G
DR Gepäckwagen KD4

DR Type KD4 Baggage Car

Article No. 30324
Gauge G
MPSB Doppelwagen

Double Car

Article No. 30402
Gauge G
DFB Barwagen "Steam Pub"

DFB "Steam Pub" Bar Car

Article No. 30560
Gauge G
DFB Personenwagen B 2206

DFB Passenger Car, Car No. B 2206

Article No. 30561
Gauge G