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Dampflok Fourney WW & FRy

WW & F Ry Forney Steam Locomotive

Article No. 27254
Gauge G
BR Ge 4/4 III, RhB

RhB Class Ge 4/4 III Electric Locomotive, Road Number "643"

Article No. 27420
Gauge G
BR Ge 4/4, MOB

MOB Class Ge 4/4 Electric Locomotive

Article No. 27425
Gauge G
BR 252, DB

DB Diesel Locomotive Road No. 252 901-4.

Article No. 27510
Gauge G
Reihe 2091 der ÖBB

ÖBB Diesel Electric Locomotive

Article No. 27520
Gauge G
White Pass & Yukon

WP&Y Diesel Switch Engine, Road Number 4

Article No. 27630
Gauge G

Coca-Cola® Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 27631
Gauge G
Amtrak Diesellok

Amtrak Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 27632
Gauge G
Article in stock. 649,00 € RRP, incl. Tax
Dampflok 21, NWE

NWE Steam Locomotive, Road Number 21

Article No. 27802
Gauge G
BR 2-8-2 Mikado

USRA Mikado Steam Locomotive with Sound

Article No. 27872
Gauge G