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Persil® Tank Car

Article No. 42123
Gauge G

DR Tank Car Leuna®

Article No. 42124
Gauge G

Hinged-Hatched Car Persil®

Article No. 42230
Gauge G

Beer Car Schwanenbräu®

Article No. 42266
Gauge G

"Modellbahn verbindet" Boxcar

Article No. 42355
Gauge G

Dump Car, Red

Article No. 42430
Gauge G
Article in stock. 41,99 € RRP, incl. Tax

HSB Baggage Car 905-151

Article No. 42523
Gauge G

DR Low-Side Gondola, 2 Pieces

Article No. 42610
Gauge G

DR Type GGw Boxcar

Article No. 42633
Gauge G

HSB Tool Car 909-101

Article No. 42634
Gauge G