Gauge G - Article No. 55090

MTS Power Booster

MTS Power Booster
MTS Power Booster

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Article No. 55090
Gauge / Design type G /
Kind Controlling Accessories
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  • Product description

    Toy train safety regulations limit each digital central unit to a maximum power output of 5 amps. This may not be enough if you are running a very large number of trains at the same time. But there is a solution: The MTS Power Booster. It transmits locomotive commands from the Central Station to an electrically separated area of track, the latter with its own power supply. So by adding Power Boosters and transformers – one transformer (example: LGB 50110) for each Power Booster – you can have multiple areas of track controlled by the same central unit. The Power Booster can be used with “Type 2” (LGB 55005) and “Type 3” (LGB 55006) MTS central units.

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  • Publications

    - Programme 2009 - Katalog 2009/10 - Catalog 2010 - Catalog 2011 - Catalog 2013 - Catalog 2014 - Catalog 2015

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